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Meet Your Real Estate Agent

Hello and thanks for taking time to get to know me! My name is Andrew McCormick and I have been buying real estate for over 4 years as part of an awesome partnership called AnVi Invest.
After getting to experience the incredible benefits of real estate myself, I realized I wanted to share it with as many people as I could! What better way to sell something than to truly believe in it and be purchasing and selling it yourself!
If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell real estate, call me asap! I can help walk you through the process and make it fun, easy, and professional.

In Escrow

Property Type: Duplex
Purchase Price: $610,000
City: Highland

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Cash is Trash!

If you’ve been following our stuff for sometime now, you’ve learned that we like to lean in on certain principles.  Inflation sucks.. you should probably invest in assets.  Your 9 to 5 sucks.. invest in assets.  You wanna take care of yourself and your family’s family.. invest. in. assets.  Why?  Why not just save money…

The DEATH of Cashflow

When we created AnVi Invest, we knew we wouldn’t be generating a ton of cashflow upfront, and that was okay with us.  We were focused on the bigger picture—equity.  Thousandaires focus on cash.  Millionaires focus on equity.    So what is equity?  In real estate, it is simply defined as the difference between what the asset is…

The Rising Rate of Inflation and Real Estate: Sink. or. Swim

Let’s talk about a word.  This is a word that divides the wealthy and the struggling (or soon to be struggling).  This word has more negative impact on those who wait to own than they could ever even fathom.  The word is ‘inflation.’ If you winced at that word, looks like you are already on…

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